Ala Carte

At the first floor of the restaurant, walk-in diners can choose from a wide selection of authentic Chinese dishes and delicacies.

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a staple in Chinese restaurants, Chinatown’s version is definitely a must try. While you can have it as a meal on its own with rice, you can also pair it with Steamed Mantao as tradition has it. The meat is meticulously slow-cooked by the in-house Hong Kong Chef, ensuring tender and well-seasoned meat all the time. 


These crustaceans are prepared in different ways so diners are treated to something new every visit. The best and popular choices are salt and pepper, Singaporean and Steamed.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

Another must-try when you dine in Chinatown, each serving is prepared fresh off the kitchen so all the flavours are packed in this the piping-hot dish.


You might think that because the restaurant is named Chinatown, they only serve Chinese food. On the contrary, the tempura they serve is light and not drowned in excessive batter. So, one tastes the shrimp goodness and not overwhelming breading.

Prawn Salad 

 Hot or Cold, both are hard to choose from. Solution? Order both!

Peking Duck

It’s a Chinese delicacy that always graces Chinese celebrations but here you don’t need an occasion to get your peking duck fix. Diners are given a choice on how to enjoy this perfectly roasted delicacy. They can either feast on it as is or have it 2-way. 2-way peking duck is a fresh roll with carved peking duck, julienne-sliced cucumber, leeks and hoisin sauce rolled in a light wrap. 

Lechon Macau 

Forget about calories and cholesterol and live a little with the truly tasty and crispy lechon macau served with a special sauce that complements this awesome delicacy. It’s best eaten with Chinatown’s yang chow rice. Yum!


Delicious pork siomai, shrimp dumplings, radish cake, vegetable dumplings, fried siopao with authentic Chinese asado filing and steamed chicken feet… and the list goes on… Rice and Noodles –  Birthday Canton,  Cha Misua, braised or crispy noodles are just some of the popular offerings. Of course, pair viands with the ever popular yang chow fried rice or Fookien rice.

Cold Cuts

To whet your appetite, try the cold cuts selection of  cuttlefish, soy beancurd, century egg, seaweeds, pickled vegetables, three-colored egg and spicy pig ear. Better yet, try the house style combinations to get a litte of everything. 


No meal is complete without desserts and here the stellar sweets are the Chinese staple, Buchi, a sweet rice ball with sweet bean paste filling covered with sesame seeds or mango sago and halo-halo. 

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Phone: 711-1444 or 712-4249

Mobile: 0917-5280731