Our Company

In 1982 Charles and Flora Hernandez opened a little noodle house on the corner of Banawe and Calamba just to make ends meet. Being in a neighbourhood filled only with stores that peddled rusty car accessories and parts and large tracts of undeveloped land had convinced almost everyone that the tiny restaurant would never survive.

In a delightful twist of fate, our authentic flavors found in the humble bowls of beef brisket noodles, congee, and baskets of siopao and siomai began to attract more and more customers.The success of the simple menu had customers asking for more. The couple decided to bring traditional Chinese dishes, then only available in Ongpin, Chinatown, to the rest of Quezon City. Happy customers finished plates of what remains to be our signature dishes: chami, kiampong, and Flora’s sweet slow-braised patatim. This became our namesake- dedicating to showcase Chinatown’s Best Food.

We’ve come very far from peddling six peso bowls of noodles in a tiny room but the heart of our restaurant is very much the same- dedicating to showcasing good, authentic Chinese cuisine. Since then, we’ve brought an executive chef into our kitchen and we’ve created menus that marry both Flora’s traditional recipes and his expert culinary skills. We invite you to come to Chinatown’s Best Food and savor them with us.


Phone: 711-1444 or 712-4249

Mobile: 0917-5280731